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Personal Internet Agents
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BotBox Personal Assistant - Your Personal News Agent!

BotBox PA 1.2 gives you a set of information monitoring agents that automate the tedious task of retrieving and filtering relevant information. You specify the sources and your agents bring in the news - as soon as they arrive! No more browsing around just to see if something has happened.

Using BotBox You can:

  • Efficiently Stay Updated on the Latest News - by monitoring RSS news feeds, blogs, etc.
  • Know the Latest Trends and Findings - by monitoring technology pages, research publications, etc.
  • Keeping Ahead of Your Competition - by monitoring their press releases, etc.
Read more about how to use BotBox PA in the QuickGuide.

BotBox Information Monitoring Server, IMS 1.0

BotBox Information Monitoring Server 1.0 gives you a similar service as the Personal Assistant with a number of additional features. The service is provided via a web based interface enabling integration on intranets or web sites. Headlines and their corresponding links can be inserted into a SQL database for persistent storage. The BotBox IMS 1.0 will be available soon. If you are interested in IMS 1.0, please send an email to for more details.


BotBox is open to suggestions regarding customization of BotBox products. Contact if you have any questions regarding customization of our products.

PA 1.2 and IMS 1.0 comparison chart
Version/FeaturePA 1.2 StandardIMS 1.0
News Monitors Yes Yes
Page Update Monitors Yes Yes
RSS Feed Monitor Yes Yes
News Filters Yes Yes
Search Monitors Yes Yes
Export/Import Profiles Yes Yes
Search in Article Texts No (only headlines) Yes
HTML news viewers for intranets and sites No Yes
Headlines and Links into SQL DB No Yes
Support for multiple users No Yes
Source Updates Yes Yes
Support Yes (limited) Yes
Price € 50 ($60) Upon Request
Note: More information about BotBox IMS 1.0 is available upon request.

News Monitors

BotBox News Monitors are agents that get you news from various news sources on the Internet (or an intranet).

Page Update Monitors

Page Update Monitors are agents that monitor web pages for different types of updates, such as that text has been changed or that a new link has been added.

RSS Feed Monitor

The RSS Feed Monitor makes it easy to read RSS based news feeds.

Search Monitors

Search Monitors automatically search the web using your favorite search engines and report when new web pages matching your keywords have arrived.

News Filters

News filters enable you to filter out the most important news. You can either color the important news or let your agents ignore the news that is not important.


Your agents bring in the news and updates into "profiles" that contain settings for monitored sources, filters, colors, etc. These profiles are shown as information windows. You can, in the Standard version, export the profiles and later import them to another BotBox Personal Assistant. This lets you share your chosen stream of information with colleagues and friends.

BotBox PA 1.2 is available for purchase or free-trial!

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